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Our Team


Denis Pedler

Manager, agronomist

Denis is a broad acre and pasture agronomist with 18 years of field experience on the lower Eyre Peninsula. His farming background includes experience on local broad acre mixed farms, a farm exchange in Montana, US, and with a range of crops from oil seeds to pulses, cereals to improved pastures. As well as servicing EP clients with agronomic advice, crop monitoring and paddock planning, Denis has run a number of pasture trials evaluating the performance of sub clovers, medics, Italian ryegrass, and vetch, across various seasons.


Bridget Heal


Bridget is the latest member to join the team at Carrs’ Seeds. She has spent just over a year in her role as an agronomist after completing a degree in Agricultural Science. She has always been involved in agriculture, growing up on a sheep farm in Victoria and working in the industry ever since. Her past roles include a station hand on a cattle property in the NT, roustabouting and work at a horse stud.


Douglas Green

Stock manager

Doug is responsible for general stock control and sales – and there is not much he can’t help you with at Carrs’ Seeds, having been part of the team since 2005.
Doug comes from a family that has been farming within the Cummins district since it was settled and continues to do so today.
A farmer himself, Doug understands his customers and enjoys assisting them with their requirements.


Francesca Nistico

Animal health, admin

Francesca has an extensive history in hospitality but made the switch to Livestock and the outdoors a few years back.
Having worked on stations and in feedlots she found herself working in the livestock industry before moving to Ungarra.
Francesca can now be seen on the front desk as office administration, breeze way or yard loading goods; helping with your Animal Health needs along with general Sales.


Steven Johnson

Accounts, payroll

Steven has a degree in accounting and over twelve years’ experience as a public accountant in Port Lincoln working with farming clients from all over the country.
Steven stepped away from accounting to spend more time with his family and brings his knowledge and experience to the account’s role with Carrs' Seeds.
Although not from a broad-acre farming background, Steven is always keen to hear from farmers and assist where possible.